Ready to go to another level?

Ready to go to another level?

Happy Sunday!

Did you get a Word from Heaven today? I hope you had a chance to read God’s Word or hear His Word today! It’s one of the daily actions we complete in our Prayrior Planner!

Prayrior is designed with a shorthand layout on purpose to pull out the details and build your habit/lifestyle of staying connected with God. The moment we stop praying, worshipping and reading the Bible, we start operating in our own strength and become an open target for satan to tell us lies, and we become distracted from using our weapons.

I pray everyday this week you use your Sword of the Spirit. It’s what Jesus used to correct satan when he was trying to tempt Jesus. There’s more weapons of course, and it’s a checklist on the Daily Prayer Page inside your Prayrior Planner!

Do you have yours? Ready for an upgrade? The new Clay Brown Prayrior Planner has the same high quality materials you love + New Gold Debossed Prayer Cards + Gold Debossed Prayer Box.

As you know, there have been worldwide supply chain and shipping issues. One of the hurdles I faced was the cost of materials used to make Prayrior Planner has significantly increased. Because I'm a small family business, the low quantity I put in production increases the costs even more. On top of that, shipping costs are astronomical. So while the price of Prayrior Planner has increased, I am still offering you the best possible price to keep the ministry and business of Prayers Planner running. I appreciate you all so much and I will continue to serve you well and make sure you have a great experience!

If you pre order now through Wednesday, you will receive free shipping with discount code PREORDER! On Launch Day I will be offering a special discount to celebrate, but without free shipping. Make plans to do something nice, powerful, and meaningful for yourself or others--pre order Clay Brown Prayrior Planner today!

Ps. Launch Day is on Thursday, November 18th when the new Clay Brown Prayrior Planner will be in my hands and ready to ship 🎉🎉🎉 I will have a special treat for you!

Thank you so much for your support and being apart of the Prayers Planner Family! Let's have a faith-full week!


*PREORDER discount code ends Wednesday, November 17th at 11:59pm.

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