Prayers Planner Partners

Looking for expressive, vibrant, joy-filled prayer warriors who love God and inspiring people!


You must be a current user of Prayrior® Planner or other Prayers Planner products.

You must have an existing social media profile or blog that is positive and shares regular content.

Go LIVE or post a video announcing you're a Prayers Planner.

On YouTube or IGTV channel, share a flip through and your initial reaction and how you will use it and what you're looking forward to on a personal and spiritual level.

Post creative pictures with your planner and tag @prayersplanner

Include pictures with Prayrior Planner apart of your daily routine.

Share videos of how prayer is empowering you and helping you live victoriously. Tag #prayrior #prayersplanner


This partnership includes your own personal affiliate link with the name of your choice.

You will be paid 15% of each successful sale that is completed through your link. You will have access to all of the details once your affiliate registration is approved.

You'll receive special discounts for new prayer tools before they're released.

You will directly influence new prayer tools and features with your valued feedback.

Inspiring Content, Encouragement, and Sincerity are the heart of our core values. Helping people use their God-given power and spiritual gifts are our daily goals. Let's create the largest movement in Jesus' name, with victorious living through prayer and intentional time with God!

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