Story Behind Prayrior


I'm so glad that you're interested in PRAYRIOR®  to enhance your prayer life! PRAYRIOR®  is a word that I came up with by combining the words PRAYER + WARRIOR. It's a term I've been identified with since I was a little girl. I designed PRAYRIOR®  because it was something I needed. I was in a season of finding ways to organize my life, be a better wife, and mother. I was overwhelmed by the amount of responsibilities I had.

Taking the initiative to complete my daily tasks and create an environment that I wanted my children to live in, I started following home organization pages and inspirational women. I came across a notebook planner page that I absolutely loved. I loved the messages of inspiration and the beautiful designs of the planners. Waiting on my to-shop list, I found the planner on Amazon and snagged it as soon as I had the chance.  I was so excited to finally have it in my hands.

Tell me what it was, whether it was my marriage, my performance as a mother or my feeling inadequate, I started to schedule times in my planner to pray. There was a daily schedule from 6 am to 9 pm. I used 3 time slots on each day to schedule prayer. I simply wrote “pray” on each line. I’d look at my schedule every day and made an effort to pray.

I found myself writing more in my planner about praying and devotionals I wanted to read. Then it came to me, “what if there was a planner solely for praying?” I told my husband in excitement and immediately started googling prayer planners. I saw some results on Google, including on Amazon and Etsy, and all were journals.

I’ve had my share of journals and all my entries were emotional letters to God. It was great to get things off my chest but it was not effective prayer. It was not strategic and specific praying that had a purpose and direct request to God. So I knew what God had given me was special and I began drawing. I began to recollect all the things I’ve been taught and what I’ve learned and read over the years about prayer. I know prayer was my only way to be free of any situation that was consuming my mind at the time. I came to know a long time ago that I was protected by so many things because of my praying parents and grandmother. Now it is my turn and take my faith and maturity in Christ and pray too. I can’t make mistakes or choose to do things my way and be restored without seeking God for myself.

More importantly, it was my turn to be the praying mother that I had. Now it was my turn for my children lives to be dependent on my prayers. So when they become adults they can look back and praise God for His grace and mercy.

We cannot sit back and let life happen to us and our loved ones. We can not sit back and watch issues arise and tragedies happen around us. We have to rise up and use the power of prayer to talk to God to bring divine power from heaven down to earth and move in faith (faith without works is dead)! Are you ready to see a change in your life? Let's get started today!

God bless you!

Seymone Brutus