You Set the Trend 📈

You Set the Trend 📈

Happy Monday Family!

Did y'all know "Mondays" are a thing? Like "the Monday blues" or "the case of the Mondays". Monday is suppose to be the less anticipated day of the week.

This, among other negative things are a trend. Is it a trend in your work office to complain about the incoming workload? Is it a trend to scoff at the mom who always skips carpool? Do your peers or colleagues sluggishly depart at the end of the day? Whatever the norm is--we can disrupt it and set a new trend!

You can arrive to work upbeat, looking forward to crushing some goals. You can pace yourself through crunch time with patience. You can open the door to your family saying, "happy to see you." These small gestures and attitude can change the environment and affect everyone around you.

Last night I shared on Prayers Planner Podcast it is better for us to be thermostats than thermometers. Thermostats set the tone and temperature of the room, it changes the environment. Thermometers are constantly changing up and down according to its environment. Don't allow your environment to have you up and down this week. You set the tone. Be steadfast and immovable. Put on your shoes of peace and keep your mind on Jesus. I promise you, it will change your days, your perspective and how you deal with opposition and challenges.

I'm so excited about what God is doing! Have a faith-full week!

💙 Seymone

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