Picture this. You have many colors to choose from 🎨 that represent many different perspectives. The perspectives of your neighbors, your friends, your family members, your coworkers. And you begin to incorporate every color on your canvas of life. Then that picture no longer represents you or what God intended for you.

It's important that we appreciate the simplicity of giving God our undivided attention. We have to make the decision to forsake and deny all things that don't represent Jesus Christ.

Life gets busy and we should take time to rest in Him. Whether you take a sabbatical or cut out time just for Him daily-- do whatever you have to do to ensure your life is based on what God says and not what others say.

You have to hear God and know God for yourself.

Spend time in prayer, in an intimate conversation with God.

Get lost in the scriptures until you find a verse that draws you in.

Remain undivided, immovable and totally dependent on Him.

“But blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.
Jeremiah 17:7 NLT
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