The Pre Sale Is Here...Presenting Clay Brown Prayrior 🎊

The Pre Sale Is Here...Presenting Clay Brown Prayrior 🎊

Hey Family!

It's time! The New Clay Brown Prayrior Planner is available to pre order! I'm so excited to release it to you!

If you support the pre sale you will receive

  • Free Shipping with discount code PREORDER*
  • Free Prayers Planner 3 x 2.1" magnet
  • A special note of my gratitude (but you always get that)

This was truly a work of labor. A labor that birthed something even more beautiful, more powerful, and more valuable. It's updated and evergreen without yearly calendars. It includes a Prayer Box and Prayer Cards!

Prayrior Planner is a ground breaking Christian resource. It was birthed to replace the aged prayer journal. There's nothing like it!

If you need a push to give God your intentional time--this is for you.

If you'd love to have your own spiritual account/record of what God is doing around you and through you--this is for you.

If you love to have accountability for ongoing growth in Christ--this is for you!

If your days are busy and you don't make time to pray--this is for you.

If sometimes you think you don't know what to pray--this is for you.

If you love to plan and organize your life--do it for your spiritual life too!

This is for every holy/lost, drifted/on fire, old sinner/veteran saint. Prayrior Planner is your prayer tool! Keep it with you and watch your fire ignite.


Ps. Launch Day is on Thursday, November 18th when the new Clay Brown Prayrior Planner will be in my hands and ready to ship 🎉🎉🎉 I will have a special treat for you!

Thank you so much for your support and being apart of the Prayers Planner Family! We got this! We're winning!


*PREORDER discount code ends Wednesday, November 17th at 11:59pm.

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