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Stay In Faith

Happy Monday!

Have you ever prayed to God and within that prayer time you begin to feel empowered, strengthened and ready to move forward?

Then later on, you revisit that same topic and situation and you complain or even worse, go back to the same mindset.

Don't let go of your faith! The first thing that has to change is you. The bible says faith without works is dead. So before you move forward from your past to your next level you have completely give up your own understanding and completely rely on God. And don't become weary in your flesh and emotions, but stay connected to the power of God.

How? Keep your mind on Him. Keep refilling yourself with the Word of God. Be fully aware of your conversation. Use wisdom and discernment.

The easiest way to do this is let everything you do and say point towards Christ. This eliminates every thought, emotion and action that lacks faith and love.

This week, let's keep the faith and move with the power of God!

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