Sing a New Song to the Lord

Psalms 96:1-2 NKJV

Oh, sing to the Lord a new song! Sing to the Lord, bless His name; Proclaim the good news of His salvation from day to day.

Psalms 96:4-8 NKJV

For the Lord is great and greatly to be praised; He is to be feared above all gods. For all the gods of the people are idols, But the Lord made the heavens. Honor and majesty are before Him; Strength and beauty are in His sanctuary. Give to the Lord, O families of the peoples, Give to the Lord glory and strength. Give to the Lord the glory due His name; Bring an offering, and come into His courts.

Sing a new song to the Lord. There's something new to say and praise God for. Just taking a step outside and looking around at His creation can put you in awe of His creation and His majesty. Today, say something you haven't said to God before. Share with a friend, coworker or your barista the Good News and salvation that is found in Jesus Christ!


God, you make everything better. I praise you because your presence is all that I need. You are better than my possessions. You overturn what's going wrong because you are consistently good. Your goodness stays the same. Your faithfulness does not fade. Your power cannot be tested. You have no contender. That's why I win with You every time. I win today in my mind. I win today in my marriage. I win today in my family. I win today at my job. I win today at school. I win today in my business. The moment I step out of the bed, victory is mine. Thank you Lord for blessing me today, your hand is on my life. The Holy Spirit is my guide. Lead me. I love you. In Jesus' name, amen.

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