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PreSale Introduction At The Potters House International Ministries

The time has finally come!

The First 365 Daily Planner Will Be Introduced To My TPHIM Family

Prayrior 365 Daily Prayer Planner For Specific Prayers


I'm so excited to announce that I've been welcomed by my home church to share Prayrior and my testimony! And when I say home church, this is home! The Potter's House International Ministries has been a part of me as far as my memory goes back. I danced, stepped, sung and rapped as a little girl in the youth church. And as a teenager, I served in the nursery ministry. Since I left for college to Miami Florida, I found that there was no church like my home church. I still tune in and watch services live when I'm home and frequently receive an awakening or an encouraging word when I watch clips on their Instagram

Lady Narlene McLaughlin has been such a huge blessing to me along this journey! She has mentored me and given me spiritual guidance and eyes when Prayrior was just on paper and on the computer yet to be produced. I struggled a lot feeling like I wasn't worthy or qualified to share the dynamics of prayer. But I've learned that is not about being a perfect Christian, perfect wife or a perfect mother. It's about being totally sold out to Jesus Christ! I have a pure desire to love Him, serve Him and please Him and because of this, God has given me the vision for Prayrior to help all of us enhance our prayer life and come closer to Him!

Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin and Lady Narlene have brought forth a sure word and been a wonderful blessing to my family and I. They've been there for my family in every season of life and I'm forever grateful for this opportunity. The Potter's House always has been and will be my family!

I can't wait to be with them this Sunday!


Where will I be?

I'll be speaking briefly during 2 separate Sunday School classes and located in the lobby before and after service.

Here's what to expect

  • Preorder sells will begin
  • An exclusive discount code will be given
  • Samples will be on the tables to flip through

If you live in Jacksonville Florida I encourage you to come out and be blessed!

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