Our Store Is Back To Its Original Name!

Our Store Is Back To Its Original Name!

Dear Prayer Warriors,

I am excited to announce that as of Friday, March 13th, Our store has rebranded to its original name Prayers Planner. This is a fresh start and a clear message to what we provide to our customers. The simplicity of Prayers Planner and its precise call to action-- plan to pray, is just what we need. I will continue to design prayer tools that strategically prepare us to win and free our mind of worry and build our confidence and faith in Jesus Christ!

Thank you so much for your support and purchase of the first prayer planner--Prayrior. I am so blessed by your stories, reviews, and testimonies of how it is strengthening your prayer life, encouraging you and increasing your time studying the Word of God. It will remain in our online store until it sells out.

Stay tuned as I continue to seek God to refine and finalize the next prayer tool. It's been a blessing to research, plan and design something so practical and powerful. It is a pure reflection of my walk with God and the joy and peace that I have in Him. I want the same for you.

I look forward to continue serving you, encouraging you, and designing powerful prayer tools and keepsakes that ignite your relationship with Jesus Christ!

Your Sister In Christ,

Seymone Brutus


If you have any questions please email info@prayersplanner.com

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