Bring on the Holidays, November 🥧

Bring on the Holidays, November 🥧

Dear Lord,

We're entering a busy season and we desire to remain in Your presence. Thank You for being such a great God. Everything You do is lovely. We are nothing without You. Thank You for giving us more than enough. You have given us peace in the noise of the world. You have been our Provider when shelves were empty and businesses were closed. You have been our Friend when we had to distance ourselves. You have remained the same when the news reported uncertainty. Here we are in November, leaving 2021 and You continue to blow our mind. There's nothing more refreshing or fulfilling than hearing Your Word and seeking Your will. Lord, let all that we've experienced be apart of our strengthening. Show Your glory in everything we put our hands to do. Slow down our moments in the precious gifts You have given us all around us. Let every smile, laugh and ray of sunlight be felt as Your warm embrace. You are our victory. We boast in You!

In Jesus' Name, Amen

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