Prayrior Planner and Faith Friends Notebook used during Lent

Lent Begins Today

Good morning Family!

Today Lent begins and I'm so excited to start fasting and praying with my Faith Friend, Minister Cierra Terrell!

Last week, she asked on her Instagram Story who was participating in Lent this year. I replied, asking her more about it, that in turn led me to invite her to teach us on Prayers Planner Podcast! It will be available this evening at 7pm!

So if you want to go deeper in Christ by sacrificing something (fasting), and in exchange receive fresh revelation (profound understanding), and breakthroughI invite you to join us! It starts today through Thursday, April 14th, before Good Friday.

Cierra and I will be doing the following:

  • No social media (personal page)
  • No fried foods
  • No sweets
  • Prayer 3 times a day
  • Daily devotional
  • On Wednesdays: water only until noon, noon-6pm only fruits, vegetables and nuts
  • Sundays are "off days"

You can fast the same things or select whatever God puts on your heart to give up.

We are expecting tremendous growth and supernatural power through our fasting and intentional, ongoing, persistent prayer.

Along with prayer and fasting, we are doing a 40 Day Devotional in the Bible App by YouVersion called Experiencing Jesus Together Through Lent by Jon L. Groves. You may use this Plan or find another Plan you love!

Prayrior Planner and Faith Friends Notebook used for Lent

Prayrior Planner is on sale now so you can fast and pray with your Faith Friends! Buy 3 and get 1 free with code LENT22.

We all have an area in our life that needs a touch from Jesus. Just to be in His presence will move the mountains of grief, strife or any fear. We are ready to go to another level!

Have a blessed day and stay faith-full!

Your sister in Christ,


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