Here's The Color Clay Brown's Inspiration

Here's The Color Clay Brown's Inspiration

I'm so excited for Launch Day tomorrow!!! It's a dream come true! A new color for Prayrior Planner! The Clay Brown is inspired by Isaiah 64:8. It's a humble position that we should present ourselves to God every time in prayer.

Clay Brown is also a rich earth tone color found in the earth. When I was in elementary school, my classmates and I would dig in the ground with our hands uncovering a moist reddish-brown soil. It was the most cool thing!

All of our planners now and in the future will be earth tone colors. To me, these colors are represented outside in nature, which is God's creation! Where's your favorite place to be outside? For me it's the beach (there's no mosquitoes). From the sounds of crashing waves and wind, to the endless ocean border--there's no escaping God's glorious wonder!

Lastly, it's a huge coincidence that Clay is a family name. It's my firstborn son's nickname--his name is Claison. His father named him after himself as a dream of his. And you know you only call your spouse "baby" "babe" or "boo" because their government name can only mean you're mad lol.

I hope you're ready for Launch Day! I have a special treat for you! Click here to see when they arrived today! What a beautiful beginning!  

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey to help you live victoriously everyday. Yes, trouble is going to come, but you are a victor, not a victim when you live a life led by prayer.

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