God Gave Me Clarity About Prayers Planner

God Gave Me Clarity About Prayers Planner

It’s a blessing to hear repeatedly how unique and powerful Prayrior Planner is. One of the things I’ve struggled with is explaining it. Social media a huge opportunity to connect with people with my words, pictures and videos.

The profile is one of the first things people see on your Instagram page. They may have came to my business page from the explore page, my Instagram story or through someone else’s post. If the profile biography doesn’t stand out or clearly describe in short what makes Prayers Planner stand out from the rest, they won’t scroll through the posts or follow. I don’t want that.

Some people say our main product, Prayrior Planner is a prayer organizer. Some are so used to saying prayer journal—that’s the first thing they say. Some say it’s a prayer tool.

Well today I had an epiphany. God showed me that the Daily Prayer Page does not include just prayer, but entails everything we need to do for a Christian lifestyle! And let’s not forget we have the Prayer Board!

So I’m proud to announce that I finally got it! In short, this is what the company, In Jesus Name Designs LLC DBA Prayers Planner is: Shorthand planners, notebooks and notepads to engage in a Christian lifestyle centered in prayer!

So spread the word! Tell everyone you know who is walking in faith or needs more faith. We have something for them!

If you have any of our products, please leave a review on the product page! When people here from you they know we have a trusted business with useful, high quality products! Help our family business grow and reach the world!

Our daily goal is victorious living and we do that by spending time with God daily! So if you haven’t already buy Prayrior Planner, Faith Friends Slim Notebook and Family Prayer Requests Magnetic Notepad today at prayersplanner.com

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Seymone, I believed God especially used you to design this prayrior planner to invite us to commune with Him in worship, sharing our hearts desires, and praying for others, he loves us and waiting to hear from us. God bless you for allowing Him to use you for this special gifted tool!!

Helen Clark

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