Get Rid of Your Victim Mentality 💥

Get Rid of Your Victim Mentality 💥

Never See Yourself As a Victim Again


There’s one thing that will keep you in a cycle of defeat, stunted growth and isolationa victim mentality.

A victim mentality allows every act that is not in their favor to be offensive, disrupt their joy and keep them from flourishing or thriving.

You are crushed and don't see yourself the way God sees you. You don't see yourself worthy or qualified because of what you've been through or what is happening to you. You shrink instead of shining bright with confidence knowing your priceless value has not changed. You give in to your circumstances and label it as your identity.

How to get rid of a victim mentality? You have to use the Word of God to know who you are. You have to use the Word of God as instructions.

This Thursday, I'm releasing a special comic to help illustrate how Prayrior Planner is a tool that uses the Word of God to transform you from victim to victor! Here's your sneak peak below!

You just need to follow @prayersplanner on FacebookInstagram or Twitter to see the ending!

See you on Thursday!

Your sister in Christ,


live as a victor

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