Election Season

Election Season

Dear Family,

I'm so happy you're reading this. It means you've made it. Here we are, another Monday gifted to us by our Lord and Savior.

The purpose of this email is to encourage you and remind you who our Heavenly Father is.

God is love. When I say this, it's not an emotion or adjective. It's a persona and lifestyle of accepting flawed people and bringing them into the presence of God so they will have the opportunity to answer their calling and fulfill their purpose. Our Father taught us this lesson over and over again.

Saul persecuted Christians. Meaning he had them put to death. It doesn't get any worse than this. In fact after he went to the high priest to request letters that would put followers of Christ in prison. Crazy enough he was still used by God. God also used his disciple Ananias to put his hand on Saul to declare healing and to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Saul, who is also called Paul was used mightily by God. (Acts 9:1-22)

Mary Magdalene was demon possessed. In fact, she was healed of 7 demons that had come out of her. (Luke 8:2) She was the first person to see Jesus resurrected from death and He told her to give His brothers a message. Jesus chose Mary Magdalene. (John 20:17-18) Would you have seen her as a likely choice?

Peter did the unthinkable most explicit betrayal--he denied Jesus not once, not twice, but 3 times. Yet Jesus made it a point to ask him 3 times does he love Him to redeem him. Jesus told him to feed and shepherd His sheep or lead the followers of Christ. (John 21:15-17)

An adulteress (a woman who committed adultery) was brought to Jesus to stand in the center to precede stoning, commanded by the law of Moses. Jesus responded, "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her." They left one by one and when she was left at the center, Jesus did not condemn her and told her to "Go, and sin no more." (John 8:7-11)

The beauty of all these stories is that God gave these flawed, evil, angry, possessed, fearful and sinful people another chance and sent them to walk in their purpose. He forgave them. He loved them. He showed Himself to them. He revealed his character to them.

Family, in this election season I'm asking that we show who we are. That we show the Love that is within us. Our human minds and limited thoughts may perceive that it is not deserved, called for or fair but that's okay. Our ways are not His ways. Our thoughts are not His thoughts. Like Ananias, you might say, "Why God, don't you know about him or her?" But guess what, the Kingdom agenda is far greater than anything we can imagine. So lighten up, refresh yourself, feed your spirit, and let's overflow with love. America needs it right now. The world needs it. We need it.

I love you all. 


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