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Why The Potter's House International Ministries Support Means So Much To Me

This Sunday I will be hand delivering Prayrior planners to all of my TPHIM family who pre-ordered! The response I received after sharing my testimony at the pre-launch of Prayrior was so motivating! I didn't feel ashamed or embarrassed but understood and supported. I even had the opportunity to speak to the youth in Sunday school. I couldn't believe the number of people that invested and sowed into the vision God gave me.

By no ways, Prayrior came from an easy discovery or sudden innovation. It's a complete manifestation of God bringing glory out of my story!

But I want to start from the beginning so you can understand why the support of The Potter's House International Ministries is so sentimental to me.

I literally grew up at The Potter's House. I remember when it was Word of Faith. The Potter's House is all I know, Bishop and Lady Narlene McLaughlin's voice is the familiar sound of home. They are like parents or guardians that I look up to, I would never question anything they say because their teaching, leadership, and instruction is all I know. What I love most about them is that they live what they preach. Everything they say in the pulpit, they live before us. Winning souls for Jesus Christ, welcoming everyone into the church, giving freely and accepting accountability is some of my favorite things about them. What I love even more is that they are all about family and Kingdom marketplace. They support entrepreneurship and showed us how Christians can thrive in business-- they will even tell you it's needed.

One of the first businesses I remember as a child was the cafe and the arcade. I LOVED the french fries at the cafe and always looked for a chance to go to the arcade whether I had quarters or not.

When my mother and biological father were together, my father was very close to Bishop. He arrived at church early and left late. He traveled with Bishop and Bishop gave him the clothes off his back. My father was an entrepreneur as well. He owned a commercial cleaning business, servicing doctor offices, daycares, stores on the Navy base and more (I was his little helper). Bishop and Lady Narlene owned a multi-level office building. They allowed my father to have an office for free to manage his business and in exchange, he kept the building clean. 

Fast forward years later, Bishop and Lady Narlene opened the Kingdom Plaza mall and my mother and stepfather opened a store there selling Christian and custom tee shirts for personal and business affairs.

You see, Bishop and Lady have been invested and supportive of my family since I was small. And I'm one of many stories. They enlighten, educate and empower people! To see them do the same for me as I have my own family just swells my eyes and fills my heart with so much joy and gratitude!

Lady Narlene has literally been by my side since Prayrior was just drawn on paper. She listened to me, encouraged me, guided me and continues to pour into me as I am learning on this journey of ministry and entrepreneurship. She is the first person to tell me that this is a ministry. I doubted myself, but she believed in me and saw my sincere heart for God and my desire for growth and passion for prayer.

I've been an entrepreneur since 2013, trying to achieve success. But it wasn't until God gave me the idea of Prayrior that I found something I truly love and could fully be myself and express myself as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. And people are receiving it!

So Potter's House, THANK YOU! You have been there for me and my family through many years, many changes and more so a new me with my own family and it means THE WORLD to me. It shows me the heart of this ministry and how amazing the leadership is of such wonderful people!

Finally, I want to end this thanking Bishop for always making us accountable to grow and take our place in the community, city or wherever we are to serve, lead and spread the gospel. He enlists us with a mission and challenges us to refine ourselves and be better. He tells us to have the Bible in one hand and newspaper in the other. We are not to be soft-spoken, religious Christians, but active, aware and leading among the people. He is a great influence on my life to be a Prayer Warrior. There's nothing soft about engulfing yourself in prayer, crying out to God to be directed and divinely influenced to make moves. This is what he instilled in me, in all of us. I can recall one new year eve service, instead of us counting down the new year with loud music and singing, we were quiet, on our knees in prayer. At the time I was a bored teenager. But as an adult I went back to that memory understanding the importance and meaning of prayer.

Potter's House I can't wait to see you this Sunday! And now I hope you understand why I am so thankful for you! I can't wait for you to receive your Prayriors!

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